Here it is: Lake 6:42–8:26

A new triple collection of bird sounds is out

Zuzanna Żak
2 min readMar 6


This series of recordings transfer you to a small swampy lake. The city is nearby, but the forests aren’t picturesque enough for many human visitors — which means they are perfect for birds.

This audio is one of the nicest I have gotten so far. It’s much more relaxing than the previous album. It was relaxing enough that the original recording was very long, more than 2.5 hours, which is why the album is split into 3 parts of that Sunday morning.

Triple album.

Releasing them on my 25th birthday was a good idea, mostly because my mood needed some uplifting on that day. That morning I lost my audio recorder (the same one I’ve recorded “Lake…” with) after leaving it not hidden well enough from the human eye in hopes of getting some longer recordings.

Mallard duck from John J. Audubon’s Birds of America

I hope that you’ll give it a listen and that your morning/afternoon/evening will be much more similar to the one I recorded this album on, and not the day of the release.

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