Waiting for the rain

Zuzanna Żak
2 min readMar 20

I initially planned on writing about the lack of water retention systems in Poland and the destruction of naturally occurring aspects of the environment that act as one, but today's spring rain made the air smell so lovely that I was in no mood to darken it. The smell of water which quickly evaporates from the pavement is one of the nicest smells there is.

The view from my hotel room at 5:30 am in Rzeszów.

Especially since I woke up tired today. My body feels the lack of horseriding, the abundance of discovery workshops, and the number of hours spent on a train that should have gotten me to a different continent and back.

The business trip was to Rzeszów, a city on the other side of Poland, where I’ve been before only for 2 hours to catch a bus to the mountains. It’s a small city where even those who love cars say that it’s no point in traveling that way here, as it’s often faster just to walk.

On the way to the Rzeszów office

My train home was leaving in the evening, but unfortunately, I didn’t finish working early enough to see the basements underneath Rzeszów’s main square. I was about 30 minutes late, but the guides were nice enough to show me a short movie about Rzeszów and give me some hot chocolate before jumping on a 9-hour train ride.

Rzeszów’s basements, by Albin Marciniak

A couple of years ago such workshops would be nothing out of the ordinary for me, but those made me feel very old. It became physically difficult to spend two consecutive days on a team gathering of a size of a small wedding, gathering invoices, calculating how many canapes can fit in a budget, and well, working on the workshops and trying not to think about all the other things that aren’t being taken care of when I’m sitting in an almost continuous two-day meeting.

So the rain on Monday morning made the day significantly better. It was very pleasant to go out and throw the trash out, and it will be very pleasant to take a walk, which I will be doing once I finish this sentence.

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