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1 out of 9 questions To Brighten Up Your Day

Zuzanna Żak
2 min readMar 14


Sandra Jasionowska wrote 9 positive questions to ask yourself and answer to bring a bit of positivity into our Medium feed. So here I am doing just that.

Photo by Jack Price-Burns on Unsplash

The first question is about the sense of smell. Frankly, it’s hard not to repeat Sandra’s response because Poland has a specific smell in the summer. It’s fainter in the very city center, but you don’t need to go far to experience it.

As the favorite smell is taken, I’ll give you the more intense version of the smell, discovered by young me when trying to cultivate moss on the bituminous thingy that used to cover the roof of my house.

It turns out that if the bituminous waterproofing is hot enough (20 Celsius+ degree weather makes it hot enough) and you pour water on it, you’ll get a smell that’s very similar. Polish summer instant.

Fortunately for the structural integrity of my house, unfortunately for the moss, the roof is now covered with metal (of sorts, I haven’t pursued my architecture studies for enough time to know what is it) which doesn’t produce the same scent. The moss has a harder time growing on it, but surprisingly the metal doesn’t stop it completely, and depending on the season you can observe different types of lichen appearing here and there.

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